The First Quarter Is Over!!!!

Over the first I have become a better student; from learning new concepts to learning better note taking skills I have learned various new things. Overall I did good in the first quarter six A’s, one B, and one C. During the second quarter I hope to keep my grades up and raise my C to at least a B. Instead of waiting till the last minute to do work I will get my work done as soon as possible, also I will study more for tests.. I know the second quarter will be as good or even better then the first.

What’s the Meaning of Life? 42!!!!!!! Deep Thought From A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

He became a world renowned ecologist that discovered many new species and inspired vasts amounts of people to care about the environment. My sentence is my future goal for my life. I hope to get a degree from an Ivy league college and study environments and species all around the  world. By studying animals and ecosystems I will fulfill one of my biggest dreams, to travel all around the world. Besides for making my dreams come true, I want to discover many new species and relationships between organisms.

Let’s Play A Game

Play is one of the most important skills in life. Play can be sorted in  to three categories games, humor, and joyfulness. I have developed my skills of play both socially and individually. To develop my skills in a social context I have developed a big sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself.”He who laughs last doesn’t get it”, Helen Giangregorio what she said is very true. Usually those that do not laugh at a joke or laugh last at a joke are usually are the butt of the joke or they do not get the joke. Every single day I tell jokes at least every minute. Telling jokes helps bring people together and forge new friendships. Nearly every friend I have right now I started our friendship by telling them a joke. Another way to form friendships is to play games together. For instance in my P.E class the first thing we did was play football, my team would joke with each other and by the end of the week we gave each other nicknames and we were talking outside of P.E. Play is one of the most important skills to have inlife, by being playful you can forge new bonds and open up new doorways.

Do You Even Care?

I took the Emotional Quotient Test and I scored a 40, which is an average score. It is considered slightly low for males. I think at times I can be empathetic and other times I cannot. Mostly it depends on the situation in question. For instance I can put myself in the shoes of a boy living in a war torn country and I can feel his pain. Yet at the same time I cannot feel any empathy or sympathy for a celebrity that was caught with drugs and sent to jail.

Honestly off of the top of my head I cannot think of a time where I felt empathy for someone. But when I started to dig through all of my memories one instance stands out from the rest. One time I was with my mom at the dollar store and we saw a homeless person. I could tell from his facial expressions how sad and lonely he was. For the last several months I have seen the same homeless person walking around near my community. After seeing I can see how hard it is to live on the streets .This instance sticks out the most to me because I could easily imagine being a homeless person.

The Pooper Scooper 2000!!!!

My own photo

My own photo

After reading chapter six of A Whole New Mind I think I am an inventor.  I think I am an inventor because I have always put ideas together to solve problems. For example last year my partner and I had to come up with an invention for a science fair. Also during this time I had to clean my backyard of my dog’s poop. So I thought of a remote controlled pooper scooper the Pooper Scooper 2000 . We won second place at the science fair with my idea. Besides for this I am constantly trying to solve problems by inventing inventions to fix them. That is why I think I am an inventor.

Who Wants to Hear a Story?

After reading the fifth chapter in Daniel Pink’s book i realized how important stories are for mankind. Stories convey ideas, wisdom, and create bonds between people. Humans are not ideally set up to understand logic; they are set up to understand stories. This quote is very true stories are the way people learn. Instead of learning from a manual Xerox employees have learned from stories from other workers. Even in caves thousands of years ago people told stories and bonded over them. Stories are vital to mankind.

What a Beautiful Design

Design is a skill vital to differentiate a product or an idea from others. Today there are millions of products there are two ways to make your product stand out, price and design. Most products are priced equally so the only way to make your product better its design. One example of good design is a toaster. In an average day a person only uses a toaster for fifteen minutes while for the other fourteen hundred minutes it is on display. One percent of a toasters time is devoted t functionality while the other ninety-nine percent is devoted to significance. In my life an example of good design would be the shape of my family’s car. A bad example would be in my dining room chairs. Their legs do not support weight very well.

A Whole New Job

After reading the first two chapters of A Whole New Mind, I realized that there are several left brained and right brained skills I need  for my Environmental and Natural Sciences program. Also, I realized how the abundance of workers in Asia and automation will affect jobs in America. The left hemisphere controls serial events such as talking, understanding the speech of other people, reading, and writing. In any job you need to be able to convey your ideas effectively. In an Environmental Sciences profession it is especially important. When reading , the left hemisphere understands the text while the right hemisphere understands context. Being able to understand context is critical when you are reading a scientific report or article. The right hemisphere specializes in understanding the big picture, which is important to my program. Whether in Biology or Ecology it is an important skill to understand the big picture. In the second chapter it talks about the future of jobs in America. I think that certain jobs in the future will be dominated by workers from Asia. As Pink said a Software Engineer in California can make $70,000, while someone in the Philippines can do the same job for $6,000. Even if your job is not acquired by a worker from another country, you can be replaced by a machine. After reading the first two chapters Daniel Pink made me think about many things.